Life with El Marsh Care

We strive to make life at EL Marsh as stimulating and fulfilling as possible. We are committed to ensuring independence, dignity and choice in every aspect of daily life.

Our compassionate staff are all trained to use a person-centred approach. Our staff spend time getting to know every individual in order to learn how best to support what they like/dislike and what is important to them.


Activities make up the most important part of all our days and at EL Marsh we ensure a variety is offered which reflects the interests and capabilities of all the people we support. All our staff are experienced and trained to assist and support our residents in their daily activities with the expectation that as many staff as possible will get involved in activities on a group and an individual level. Staff work alongside the people they support to ensure the activity plan is designed to not only mentally and physically stimulate the people we support and care for but to enhance their life skills and feelings of purpose and self-worth.

Here are some examples of popular activities and interests our residents enjoy:

  • Gardening
  • Exercise and Gym
  • News quizzes and Show and Tell discussion groups
  • Visits and care for pets and farm animals
  • Baking
  • Arts and crafts
  • Cards, word and other games
  • Entertainers
  • Trips and visits within the local region
  • Holidays Abroad
  • Spa days
  • Sensory clubs

We also work to keep up people’s links with family and with local communities; we are increasingly using local facilities within the community to support independence and life skills.

Meaningful activities

At El Marsh we acknowledge everyone has different interests and abilities, therefore a ‘meaningful activity’ will be different for each individual.

For some, gardening and going to the local gym could be the perfect way to spend a day while others may find equal enjoyment playing games or baking.

Our staff are trained to research meaningful activities using a person-centred approach which will stimulate, engage and gives purpose to everyone. At El Marsh, our staff plan groups activities with our other residents, these range from Theme Parks to holidays abroad. Each resident is allocated as key worker, and during key worker meetings meaningful activities will be discussed and planned.

Joy of Food

We strive to ensure that our menu’s offer nutritious, varied and taste delicious. Menus created weekly with the residents, however, we do acknowledge menus are not set in stone and our residents can make changes to their menu they wish.

Our staff are trained to encourage our residents to participate in cooking where they learn to adapt their skills and develop independent skills.

If someone has been diagnosed with a medical condition such as dementia or diabetes, diet can have a significant impact on how well you feel and even how independent you can be. Our staff are trained to ensure people medical related dietary needs are understood and met.

Fresh and Delicious

Whether it’s a wholesome cottage pie or a more exotic Thai curry, our policy is to make sure every meal is nutritionally balanced and made from the freshest ingredients.  All our menus offer choice and are flexible to accommodate change. Our residents are encouraged to make home-made meals, snacks and sweets for everyone to enjoy.

Dietary requirements

Food and drink are an important part of all our lives and are a particularly enjoyable experience at EL Marsh. Our menus are designed reflect each individual’s likes, dislikes and dietary needs and can be changed at any time to reflect daily changes.

For residents that have difficulties in swallowing we modify the menu so that is it a soft, palatable dish.   The managers can then ensure all modified menus served are presented correctly for our residents.

Our Environment

The environment we live in has a significant impact on our happiness and well-being. Each home has a homely look and feel to ensure our residents live in a warm and comfortable home

All of our homes have outdoor spaces, they are kept well maintained for both relaxation, summer activities and BBQs.

We are proud of the Residential and Supported Living environments for the people we support. We are constantly looking to improve our existing buildings while also establishing new Developments. Our homes are designed to be spacious, with large bedrooms and multiple communal areas.

Always welcome

We know that family and friends are particularly important to the people we support. That is why we always warmly welcome visitors and encourage them to take part in activities and home events.

Person Centred Approach

Inside our residential homes and supported living services, the facilities and services are tailored to meet the needs of the individuals living there. The decoration of the homes is discussed with residents to ensure each person’s ideas are incorporated into the interior. This gives each home character and prevent homes from feeling institutional. It is essential our resident’s bedrooms feel like a personal space and personal touches to match. Pets are generally made welcome and we have many activities which staff are welcome to bring their pets to work. We also provide life skills, so that people who want to can carry out domestic tasks like cooking, washing and making cups of tea or snacks for themselves.

Our Staff

EL Marsh care is all about being and doing things different Our unique and innovative approach to the care sector sets us apart.
Our residents and their families expect a quality service and care to their loved one, so our professional and dedicated management team recruits people who are focused on continually improving the quality of life for the people in our care and to achieve our ambition and goals of EL Marsh. Our residents are also encouraged to be part of the recruitment and selection process, and will have their own set of questions to ask the interviewee; ultimately, we are recruiting for the right person for our residents.

Celebrating Success at EL Marsh

Our employee of the quarter programme is designed to recognise all staff who work hard to help our homes and supported living services meet the high-quality care and support. This programme recognises our committed people across the EL Marsh for a job very well done.

We value our employees

Our staff are as diverse and as individual as our residents. We promote equal opportunities and encourage all our employees to treat one another and those we care for with honesty and respect. We aim to create a family environment in all our homes and supported living services.

We are focused on providing equal opportunities to prospective and existing employees at EL Marsh.

Our staff at EL Marsh are all learners as we believe there is no limit to learning and this is key to our induction programme. Our new staff receive a comprehensive overview of all elements of EL Marsh so they can feel confident in fulfilling their role and contributing to our vision.

Professional Development

Our staff have opportunities throughout their EL Marsh career; from refreshing their knowledge and learning new skills, to continuing their personal and professional development.

At El Marsh we encourage our staff to develop their careers with us by reviewing their performance and planning a career path with our annual Performance Development Plan. With our support and training, we have seen many of our staff complete externally accredited qualifications and achieve their career goals and secure management roles.

Equal Opportunities

At EL Marsh, we don’t just accept difference—we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our colleagues and residents. EL Marsh is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

What can we do to help?

We’re here to help in any way we can – whether that’s finding you the right support or helping you choose the best residential home or supported living service. Use our online tool for more information on our services or for contact details to our individual care homes where you can arrange a visit direct. Alternatively, you can complete our contact form and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.