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Supported Living

At EL Marsh Care we offer supported Living services across the West Midlands. We work with local landlords and Social Housing to provide homely properties including apartments and bungalows allowing individuals to retain their independence, whilst simultaneously offering quality person-centred support.

What is Supported Living?

Supported Living at EL Marsh Care enables you to live in the comfort and privacy of your own home whether you own the property or rent in the community. EL Marsh Care offers up 24-hour support to individuals in supported living. Support can be increased and decreased depending on the level of need. This can include support with washing, cleaning, shopping, cooking, administrating medication, personal care etc.

We seek to work with landlords who are flexible and offer long term tenancies, not just temporary solutions. You may live in a single occupancy flat, or in shared accommodation or within a complex with shared garden areas. Our Supported living offers opportunities to build new friendships and interests. We want you to enjoy life in a safe and supportive environment with endless opportunities.

Who is Supported Living suitable for?

EL Marsh Care is registered to support individuals as young as 16 years of age. Supported Living is Assisted living who do not require the full support of a residential care home or they are unable to live with others due to their highly complex needs.

Some individuals we support may only need a few hours of support per day and others may require 24-hour support per day. Our supported living services are bespoke to individual needs.

Supported Living at EL Marsh Care

Our Supported Living facilities are based in the West Midlands. Our Supported Living properties provide residents with access to the many services and activities within the community. Our Supported Living residents are welcome to socialise in the communal areas of the Residential care home and other Supported Living complex’s.

Our Supported Living properties are wheelchair‐friendly. You can redecorate your property to make it your home. We want to ensure that life is as easy and comfortable as possible for our residents.

The Key Benefits of our Supported Living

  • Our Supported Living services offer the best of both worlds. Our residents can retain their independence in the comfort of their own home whilst having access up to 24-hour care.
  • More choice and independence.
  • More responsibility and control of your bills, finances and how you live in your home.
  • The perfect way to form new friendships in the community as well as the EL Marsh Care community.
  • Activities at EL Marsh Care are organised carefully to ensure they are person-centred to keep our residents happy, active and build life skills. These include coffee mornings, baking, cinema nights and craft activities.
  • If you would like to know more about our Supported Living services, you can contact us.