Life with El Marsh Care

We strive to make life at EL Marsh as stimulating and fulfilling as possible. We are committed to ensuring independence, dignity and choice in every aspect of daily life.

We endeavour that your experience at El Marsh Care will be as rewarding, inspiring and encouraging as possible because we are dedicated to give independence, respect, dignity and choice in every part of day-to-day life.

Our passionate and committed staff team are trained and knowledgeable is delivering person-centred. Our staff value individuality and are devoted to spend quality time building a positive rapport with each resident, understanding individual’s likes and dislikes.


Activities make up the most important part of all our days and at EL Marsh we ensure a variety is offered which reflects the interests and capabilities of all the people we support. All our staff are experienced and trained to assist and support our residents in their daily activities with the expectation that as many staff as possible will get involved in activities on a group and an individual level. Staff work alongside the people they support to ensure the activity plan is designed to not only mentally and physically stimulate the people we support and care for but to enhance their life skills and feelings of purpose and self-worth.